Pendent Light Shade Adapter

Shade Adapter

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Local restaurant that I frequented had these high dollar pendant lights hanging above the bar, see the first picture.
They wanted to replace them with something similar to the second picture, but hole in the new shade was much too large.
I said I could make some adapters in exchange for the old blue pyramid lamp shades. It was agreed.
I order an aluminum rod and turned 12 adapters, about an inch and a half in diameter, 3/8" thick.
After the adapters and new shades were in place, I went in to have a beer and claim my shades.
Bartender hands me a $60 gift card and says "they don't want to give up the shades".
I handed back and said "Use this to pay for my beer. You can have the rest".
I never set foot in the place again.

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