Wine Opener

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picture1 picture2 picture3 picture4

My cousin has this big fancy wine bottle opener that gave up the ghost. First picture is of the offending device.

Second picture: Opened it up to find the pawl had broken.

Third: For odd shaped pieces, I pull pictures of them into AutoCAD to measure angles and dimensions not easily obtained.

Forth: After gluing it back together for measuring purposes, I selected an odd shaped piece from the scrap bin, and milled to the needed thickness.

Fifth: After milling some clearence, I chucked the piece in the lathe and turned the pivot pin.

Sixth: Milled the groove down the back side.

Seventh: Trimmed off the rest with a hacksaw and finished the rounded surfaces on the grinder.

Last: A dab or two of Molycoat 33 and off it goes. Cousin reports it works better than ever.

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