Laser Ball Pinball

photo description

Friend of a friend job. The machine is controlled by a Williams System 6 computer
which has a battery pack for keeping the memory alive. It is notorious for the batteries
leaking on to the circuit board and causing damage. This one was no exception.
Add to that it was in extended storage and showed signs of water damage.
It was quite the project. What I did (that I can remember):

Repair corrosion damage to the circuit board
Replace all the board connectors
Replace all the chip sockets
Upgrade the lamp driver resistors
Replace the processor
Replace the memory
Burn and install new proms
Replace the interface chips
Relocate the batteries off the main board
Repair the display driver board
Rebuild the drop targets, including new decals
Rebuild the End-of-Stroke switches
Polished rust off the legs
Replace the feet and levelers
Clean and adjust the coin mechanisms
Clean and wax the playfield
New lamps, bumpers, ball, and shooter springs

Good machine. A lot of fun.

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